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I’m totally confused by the Threshold control. I’d love to use this as a traditional compressor but with control over the attack and release. It’s really difficult to understand what’s going on though.

I figured out the Omni-ratio knob, I think, just had to remember math 4.0 = 4:1

Attack and Release seem self explanatory

Threshold is baffling though. On a traditional compressor it would simply set a threshold under which the compressor would not engage.

This threshold is maybe? doing that, but turn it up too high and it gates the signal suddenly. Not sure why you would ever want it to do that. I’ll always be worried that if I hit that string just a little too hard, the exact opposite of what I’m going for will happen – my crescendo will drop off a cliff. Can someone explain in more detail what this control is doing and how it interacts with the other controls?

A visual indication of when and how strongly the compression effect was being applied would be so helpful here. If Omnipressor were a standalone algorithm for H9 you could use that nifty LED ring to show the amount of compression.

So another vote for making Omnipressor a stand alone algorithm. Or add attack/release controls to the compressor in EQ/Compressor, still a visual indicator of compression would be super helpful.