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I would like to have the pitch algorithms track better. I was hoping for the H9 to make my Electro-Harmonix Micro POG redundant and spent an entire day trying to do simple octave up and octave down sounds. I tried every algorithm that could be set to do +8 or -8 interval but gave up and feeling frustrated hooked up the POG for reference. I played both pedals with couple different guitars, with neck and bridge pickups, before and after distortion, with and without a compressor and recorded comparisons to Logic. I really dig the Eventide stuff and hate to say it, but in every scenario there is no contest. The POG tracks reasonably well even if I play 16th notes 180bpm, whereas the H9 meows every second note and plays a wrong pitch every fifth or so note. If I keep the mix low enough it’s barely usable when playing 8th notes in a modest tempo, but 16th notes in any tempo or the mix over 20% it simply doesn’t perform well enough to be of musical use.

Another issue is with the input levels. The H9 sounds enormosly better if the input level is just below clipping. If the level is too low the pedal even when DSP bypassed sounds flat and especially eats low end off the sound. This presents a problem when switching guitars if there is even slight difference in the output of the pickups, either one of them sounds thin or the other one clips the input of the H9. It would be great if there was pad in the H9 that could be inserted to either or both of the inputs, maybe per preset, and the lowered volume be automatically compensated with the output level. This would also make the H9 usable in a line level effects loop.

Finally I’d like to write a disclaimer: I really like many algorithms in the H9, especially revebs and in no way mean to bash the unit, but these are my two main issues with the device. Thanks!