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Method 1:  In the H9 Control app:

  • Pedal -> General Settings -> Use Expression Pedal, Aux Switch, or BothAux Switch, or Both.
  • Pedal -> Aux Switch Mappings -> Set parameter 1
  • Foot Switch 1 (Tip) [or whatever; just not one of the (… Momentary …) selections].
  • Parameter Range ->  Start = 0  End = 40.

Method 2:  On the H9 itself:

  • Hold Big Knob + right switch/Tap.  Dial to Aux SW.  Click Big Knob.  Dial to KBO: —
  • Click right switch/Tap.  Dial to TIP [not TIP. with a trailing period.  That’s “Momentary“].
  • Click left switch/Active.  Click left switch/Active once again.
  • 0 will be the MINVAL.  Click left switch/Active a third time.
  • With the Big Knob, dial 100 down to 40, as a MAXVAL.
  • Hold Big Knob+right switch/Tap to exit the system mode.

Either method will control the MIX parameter (or similar), at those range limits.  Keep in mind that KB0 / Parameter 1 may be a completely different parameter, or scaled differently; depending on the algorithm.