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      Is there a way to use an aux swtich to control the level of the Mix knob for all presets? I know I can use the Aux switch with the Set Expression Pedal Value, but I’m required to keep my foot on the switch if I want to change the value. The other option I think is the Set Parameter settings, but then the preset Mix Value will take the new values as determined by the range. So if the preset had the Mix value of 40, but the parameter range was 0-100, when I click on the Aux switch I lose the programmed Mix value setting, and each click will change it to 0 and 100. I know I can use an expression pedal, but I was trying to avoid that.

      Thank you.

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      Method 1:  In the H9 Control app:

      • Pedal -> General Settings -> Use Expression Pedal, Aux Switch, or BothAux Switch, or Both.
      • Pedal -> Aux Switch Mappings -> Set parameter 1
      • Foot Switch 1 (Tip) [or whatever; just not one of the (… Momentary …) selections].
      • Parameter Range ->  Start = 0  End = 40.

      Method 2:  On the H9 itself:

      • Hold Big Knob + right switch/Tap.  Dial to Aux SW.  Click Big Knob.  Dial to KBO: —
      • Click right switch/Tap.  Dial to TIP [not TIP. with a trailing period.  That’s “Momentary“].
      • Click left switch/Active.  Click left switch/Active once again.
      • 0 will be the MINVAL.  Click left switch/Active a third time.
      • With the Big Knob, dial 100 down to 40, as a MAXVAL.
      • Hold Big Knob+right switch/Tap to exit the system mode.

      Either method will control the MIX parameter (or similar), at those range limits.  Keep in mind that KB0 / Parameter 1 may be a completely different parameter, or scaled differently; depending on the algorithm.

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