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Eventide Staff
gboland wrote:

Thanks – I know I CAN send any cc value, but the documentation does not describe what the pedal is expecting.  I am lookng for what I SHOULD send for each of the Control Destinations.  Its not clear which are binary and which are continous for example.

For example, through experimentation I have discovered that sending 0 to BYP actually ACTIVATES the pedal where sending 127 BYPASSES.  The inverse is true for ACT.  This makes them functionally the same as each other and the TOG destination no?

A parameter which acts as a switch (such as these) is OFF when you send 63 or below and ON when you send 64 or above.  So, sending 127 to BYP sets it ON, or BYPASSED. Since ACT is the inverse of BYP, it responds as you say.

gboland wrote:

FIRST Question: if I select a preset by sending a CC 127 to either PR+ or PR- it will blink on the pedal display but not be loaded as expected.  If I send a 127 to ACT the pedal will activate but the preset will not load.  What am I supposed to do to load a preset selected with PR+/-?

If you want to load the next or previous preset, you should use NXT or LST as appropriate. (Needs recent software).

gboland wrote:

SECOND question:  For the ISW control destination, what is the pedal expecting?  Am I merely turning on/off ISW with a 127 or 0,  to be controlled by an EXP pedal, or is the ISW destination the swell controller and take continuos messages 0-127 to control volume?

The ISW destination is intended to be used with a continuous controller. Sending it 127 or zero will just turn the sound ON or OFF.