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Given To Fly
Berme wrote:
Given To Fly wrote:

I have no idea if this will help, but I agreed with your statement about the diagram being unintuitive. I added numbers marking the signal path and order of events. The cables have little arrows on them which make sense once you realize they are little arrows and not just part of the cable image.   

Thank you, that helped a lot. Now I see it clearer. One more question, though. If using a cab simulator pedal, and not using a mic with a real cab, could I optionally insert the cable coming from the cab sim pedal into the Instrument In of the Mixing Link? I mean instead of the Mic/Line In shown in the diagram. This way I could match the outputs better, I think. Also, could I use the Mixing Link DI/Line Out for sending the final signal to one of my Scarlett 18i8 XLR Combo inputs instead of the To FX output as shown in the diagram? Thank you so much for your help and patience.

I am glad it helped! Just to be clear, I do not work for Eventide. I was just able to see a “signal path” instead of an “octopus” in the diagram and figured I’d highlight the signal path. As for your additional questions, I honestly do not know. However, since you are not using an amp or microphone it sounds like what you are trying to do is more like “signal processing” using outboard gear. A Mixing Link may or may not be necessary.