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In the last release the only thing we changed was allowing the app to run in the background instead of forcing it to exit if you switched to a different app.  Since iOS 11 is supposed to support multi-tasking we know a lot of people found it annoying that the app would quit when it was no longer in the foreground.  But the reason we hadn't done this in the past is we learned that putting the app in the background could cause unreliable Bluetooth behavior.  When we were testing the Bluetooth behavior on devices in house we didn't see any problems though.  So, we thought that Apple must have fixed the Bluetooth problems that occurred in earlier releases when you put an app in the background.

I've been reading a bit more about the problem though, and it seems like quite a lot of apps that use Bluetooth are having the same problem that we are on iOS 11.  And the problems become especially severe if you let your app go into the background:


So, I think we're going to undo that change for now and force H9 Control to quit again when it's not in the foreground.  

Would you guys mind collecting some diagnostic information that we can send to Apple though to look at?  We would like them to fix this problem.  I'd like to open a bug report with them, but they're going to request diagnostic logs that show the problem.  The following pdf explains how to collect such a log.



If you do collect one, I'd appreciate it if you could send it to me.  My email address is my user name plus @eventide.com.