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Hi, thanks all for such great work on top notch plugs,most happy with a lot .

My question regards the “free months” that is offered to existing owners of Eventide plugs that choose to sign up and IS a generous and kind offer on the Company’s part.

However i would love to  have a couple of points clarified please 🙂

1) By signing up and acceptingfor example the full amount of free months offered ,will i then lose those licences or do i still own them but have the subscription also ?

ie. i dont lose my existing licences do I?

2) When the free period runs out will i then be tied in to a contract to complete a one year subscription or can it be a “month to month” ?

ie. make use of the free period to properly demo all your plugs then opt out and just buy those i find myself using a lot?

3) Finally, is the offer only applicable to year one of the subscription or will this happen each year?

ie. is it a one time thing or will i as an owner of multiple plugs get the same discount each annum?

Thanks so much in advance 🙂

Neil (Prime8Productions on GEARSLUTZ)