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Bodde wrote:
… I also have an MXR custom script phase 90 and that pedal sounds much better to my ears than the H9 algo. Would be nice if I could leave that pedal at home.

Anyone here that was able to fully recreate that Phase 90 sound?

Someone had asked here earlier about “ClassicFactor” algorithms / presets.  I put in some limited time on phase, flange, delay, and filters (for the H9) that I could compare side-by-side with my vintage effects.  Now, my Script 90 is currently looking for a little love on my workbench, so I can’t recheck this preset right now.


Expression Pedal Heel:  INTENSITY  25 SPEED  0.25Hz

Expression Pedal Toe:    INTENSITY    SPEED  8.25Hz

The overall SPEED range is accurate, although the taper is scaled differently than the hardware knob on the Phase 90.  I dropped the INTENSITY (feedback) as the SPEED increases … personal taste / judgment call.

This next preset is from a 1:1 comparison with my MXR Flanger (complete with power cord).  No doubt that I put this one together around the same time period.  As I recall, if you adjust the SPEED to 0.80Hz, it will mimic the M-117 with all knobs set to 12:00 noon.  [Use MODFY DLY O/P for ‘MANUAL’, and DEPTH as ‘WIDTH’].

Expression Pedal Heel:  SPEED  0.10Hz

Expression Pedal Toe:    SPEED  10.00Hz