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Bodde wrote:
… What I am looking for is the “For the love of Money” Anthony Jackson bass sound from the O’jays. That was a Phase 90 …

Are you sure about that, Bodde?  I think that one was a Maestro PS-1a Phase Shifter – a six-stage.  Beautiful phaser … I had one for years, and stupidly got rid of it, when I was downsizing.  Only 3 fixed speeds – if you discount the ‘inertia’ ramping – so it should be easy enough to nail down the rate (probably SLOW PHASE, or possibly MEDIUM PHASE).

FETs, and no true bypass, so a simulation might benefit from a little tube-style distortion, and high EQ rolloff / lowpass filtering.  We’d be trying to duplicate a unique Oberheim analog(ue) design here, but I’ll give it a shot when I get back in front of my pedalboard.