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Given To Fly

I do not believe the H9 was designed to do what people seem to want it to do. It acts more like a chameleon on a pedalboard, changing its color when need be. I could not help but notice that the H9000 is full of features that I can barely pronounce. I think there might be some room in between the H9 and H9000 for a more powerful floorboard H9 product. In my mind’s eye, I am imagining 3 H9’s welded together, which would be the ideal size and shape. (I have no doubt there are better ways of designing such a product.) The purpose of this “H9 Factor” would also be a chameleon that could be part of your pedalboard, your entire pedalboard, or, thanks to the new distortion algorithms, your entire setup (minus a power amp) which would be especially useful when traveling internationally. Most musicians step on something in order to change FX, often times a pedalboard. Why not introduce the first pedalboard worth stepping on? Now, as usual, I am pretty sure you have thought of something like this already and you know what your product line up is going to be, at least for the near future. The H9 Factor would be a broader platform on which to implement the new algorithms you will undoubtedly be creating. Just a thought…that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. 😉