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camilok wrote:

My biggest wish would be for the lag to go away when switching presets.  As musicians, all of us can hear when things are off by as little as 20 milliseconds, and the current lag limits the use for me in live situations.   I find myself wanting to switch between algos, but I just dont because of the way it kills my groove.  I even have two on my board – one in the loop and one for pre/post on my switching system.  I only change things with an expression pedal during a song these days, or turn the loaded effects on or off.. 

Still, there is only one Eventide when it comes to sound quality, and the H9 fopr the price just cant be beat in that department.

We thank you for your kinds words.

In effect you have explained the issue – our presets are large and complex things (this is why they sound so good), but as a result, they take time to change.

We'll try and improve this in time, but it is, in a way, the nature of the beast.