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OK….I’m totally at a loss now. Got the 2nd Time Factor in today and the Mastermind PBC makes no midi changes to it. I can control other midi pedals with the PBC….but NOTHING happens with the Time Factor. I’ve tried everything I know. No way both Time Factors are defective. I’ve tried different midi channels. Tried “omni” receive on the TF. Tried different midi cables. Works easily and fine on other midi pedals. I installed a 3rd midi pedal in about 60 seconds and it worked perfectly the first time. So I know PBC sends midi commands. I know my cables are good. I uninstalled the TF from the PBC and re-installed it. PBC and TF have latest software and updates.

I’m just stumped (not to mention I just spent $275 on a 2nd used TF).

Any ideas at all?