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gkellum wrote:

Do you think you could hook up your RJM Mastermind PBC to computer and check what MIDI messages it’s sending out and let us know?  My best bet at the moment is that maybe it’s send out a program change together with possibly other MIDI messages that for some reason or other might be confusing the TimeFactor.  For instance we had a problem with the H9 where certain controllers were sending out a bank select in certain situations and that was being mishandled by the H9 as a MIDI CC.  If you could let us know what it’s sending out, we could reproduce your set-up in our office.  On Windows MIDI Ox is a reasonably good MIDI monitoring app, and on Mac MIDI Monitor is pretty good.

I’ll have to figure out how to do that with MIDI Ox (Windows here). But probably a good thing to learn. I feel I’m reasonably adapt at midi things. In the past I had a complete rack set up with 3 drawers of pedals run into 2 switchers that were all controlled by a Mastermind GT-22 floor control. And I can get other midi pedals to wrk with this PBC controller. Just not the TF.  The PBC loads default set up for the TF when installed and the only thing I had to change was the PC offset (although I’ve tried that on default setting and it doesn’t make a difference either). Tried “OMNI” recieve on the TF. Tried several different channels on the TF. Just a head scratcher. PBC is set to “no banks”…..I’ve tried several things in a very controlled order (so as not to get several things messed up at once). I’ll figure out how to monitor the PBC midi output and try to send it to you when I can. Any other ideas? Strange 2 different TF’s do the same thing.