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Bodde wrote:
… What am I doing wrong? do I miss some setting on the H9?

My first thought was the MIDI  ->  OUTPUT setting  With the H9 as the slave, OUTPUT = THRU, and with the H9 as the master, OUTPUT = XMT.  Matching the MIDI Channels is good practice for Programs Changes, CCs, PitchBend, … But MIDI Clock (when properly configured) transmits across all 16 MIDI Channels, by design.

Now, some synths send out MIDI Clock continuously, while others may need something ‘started’ (arpeggiator; step sequencer) to begin transmitting clock pulses.  There’s a cool little feature-ette in the PitchFactor that didn’t make it to the H9:  If you attempt to select MIDI  ->  CLK IN  ->  ON – and there’s no MIDI Clock signal detected – the PF display begins to flash.  It’ll keep flashing until it’s sync’ed to a MIDI Clock.  A troubleshooting technique that’s much faster than hooking up to a MIDI / Sysex monitor.

Unfortunately, Arturia isn’t very complete with MIDI documentation.  I understand the analogue focus, and the manual is a great beginner primer on subtractive synthesis & patch building.  The Connection Software manual has MIDI listings for global parameter tweaks, but not much else.  The bad news is … the MiniBrute doesn’t send or receive much (MIDI).  I don’t think the MiniBrute sends out MIDI Clock, but it will receive MIDI Clock (from the H9) on its MIDI Input:


It’s a ‘polyphonic controller’ with extensive onboard controls, and that’s where your hands will be.  Logically, my thought was [MiniBrute master out to H9 slave].  But apparently, it will have to go [H9 master transmitting to MiniBrute slave].   There are a couple of tempo tricks on the MiniBrute that might be useful in that MIDI routing.