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Bodde wrote:
Tried it again with three synths and still not able to have the H9 as a tempo slave.

  1.  Arturia MiniBrute:  Cannot be configured as master, according to online documentation.
  2.  Roland TB-03:  Can be configured as master, according to online documentation.
  3.  I don’t know what the 3rd synth is ???

Bodde wrote:
I have enable midi input clock. Midi out of the synth to midi in of the H9. Started an arpeggio on the synth ans nothing happens.

TB-03 as master – System Settings:

  • CH  –  Match MIDI Channels TB-03 & H9 (optional for sync)
  • SYnC  –  Int  (AUtO is the default)
  • d. Snc  –  SYnC  (optional, to sync onboard delays with external FX)

Optional:  Clock / Start / Continue / Stop across all MIDI Channels (useful for Looper / HarPeggiator sync).

(You may have to PLAY a pattern before MIDI Clock starts generating – unclear from the documentation.)

Optional:  Ten fixed CCs are available for transmission from the TB-03 onboard parameters.

(Those same 10 CC Numbers must be matched to the H9 virtual ‘knobs’, expression pedal mapping, etc.)

Bodde wrote:
Can someone post step by step what settings I have to make in the H9 to make this work?

Unplug the USB connector.  Reboot the H9, if necessary.

H9 as slave – System Settings


  • RCV CH  – Match MIDI Channels TB-03 & H9 (optional for sync).
  • XMT CH – Not used here.
  • RCV.CTL – Optional.  Match 10 fixed CCs in the TB-03 here.
  • XMT CC – Not  used here.
  • RCV.MAP – Not used here.
  • XMT.MAP – Not used here.
  • CTL-XMT – Not used here.
  • PGM.XMT – Not used here.
  • SYS ID – Not used here.
  • DUMP – Not used here.
  • CLK FLT – Optional.


  • TEMPO – ON (useful as a fail-safe preset override).
  • Check the currently loaded H9 preset for Tempo Sync enabled.

Bodde wrote:
Should I see some sign on the H9 that the tempo is locked when it receives midi clock from another device?

Once everything is configured correctly – on both sides of the equation – then adjusting the tempo on the TB-03 master should update the — BPM display on the H9.  If it’s being stubborn, hit the H9 TAP switch once to light up the — BPM display, then adjust the TB-03 tempo immediately.

MIDI is a one-way serial language, but both ends must be ‘speaking & listening’ to the exact same dialect.  The master device can be ‘speaking many dialects’ at the same time.  The slave device will ‘understand’ just one.

If all else fails, hook up the TB-03 to a MIDI Monitor.  For Windows, I use something simple, like Bome’s Send SX. Options -> Enable MIDI Time Clock.  If a device is transmitting MIDI Clock, you’ll see a burst of F8 messages (24 per second) that will stream & scroll continuously.