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Bodde wrote:
Thanks again Brock. Finally got it working using the TB-03 as a master. Problem was that I had the USB hooked up to use the H9 control on my computer. I always connect it to USB when I use it at home. But the midi sync doesn’t work when hooked up to USB. Not sure why that is? But I think that was the problem.

It’s either / or.  USB, or MIDI DIN plug.  It was an Eventide design decision.  People are using these boxes in ways that weren’t anticipated, early on.  That’s how I understand it, from what I’ve read here.

Bodde wrote:
I think you can still use the H9 control and still have tempo sync when you connect it to bluetooth though.

I have three H9s over Bluetooth to H9 Control.  Those (and everything else) slave to a master MIDI Clock.  I can control all 3 H9s from H9 Control, and any master tempo changes are reflected back through the app.  My PitchFactor does have to ‘stay blind’ until I’m ready for it, though.  USB disconnected.

Bodde wrote:
Too bad it doesn’t work on the Minibrute.

You still can … just with the H9 as master MIDI Clock.  It’s nearly the same result, but hands-on control will be in another location.  You’d have to switch everything around … OUTPUT – XMT; CLK IN – OFF; CLK OUT – ON; …

And – of course – swap the MIDI cable:  H9 MIDI OUT to MiniBrute MIDI IN.  Once you start getting to 3-4 MIDI devices, it’s best to start thinking about MIDI thru splitters / mergers, or a MIDI matrix.  It saves on a lot of re-cabling, and it’s cleaner MIDI (versus serial daisy chains).  Entire system re-configuration, by software.

Bodde wrote:
I also tried it on my other synth (MFB Dominion 1) and that also doesn’t work. The midi implementation says System Realtime Clock T/R: x  Does this means it doesn’t tranmit or receive midi clock? Although I have read somewhere that it can be synced to a DAWs tempo. Just got this synth so I don’t know it all yet.

I’m not familiar with that synth, but that does indicate no MIDI Clock Transmit or Receive.  Odd.

The MIDI implementation Chart is your best friend.  Once you’ve looked at a few, and deciphered what they are saying, you can see exactly what each device will / will not do.  Standard format, so it’s easy to compare synth-to-synth.  That is, if a manufacturer even bothers to include one.  A lot of them don’t, or have their own take on presentation (Roland).  It’s becoming more difficult to see what they dumbed down, or left out to cut costs.