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silver_mica wrote:

I've been making a point of using the Eventide H9 without Control – I'm proficient with the basics such as bringing up Presets/Algorithms and adjusting parameters and a few other adjustments.  I'm learning to use the HOTKNOB right now – and noticed that I could not see what parameters are assigned to the HOTKNOB & Center dial while following these instructions from the H9 User guide (page 24 of my copy)

View HOTKNOB Patch Destinations

To view the list of parameters assigned as HOTKNOB patch Press and hold HOTKNOB button while holding down the X, Y or Z button. Use the Knob to scroll through the list of parameters names assigned to the HOTKNOB.

I've tried this procedure on several of the factory presets and did make sure to observe that the HOTKNOB & Center dial altered parameters first – before following the above instructions.  However when I attempt to view the HOTKNOB patch destinations I don't seen anything – except, briefly, the word "TURN" as I'm holding the HOTKNOB button while holding down X, Y or Z and slowly spinning the dial counterclockwise.     

Perhaps what I expect to see isn't what the above instructions are describing?  I am expecting to to see a list parameters assigned assigned to the HOTKNOB & Center dial (which should be the same as the expression pedal).   Is this a correct assumption?  

Aside, how does one see those parameters altered by the HOTKNOB & Center Dial?

Not quite sure why you are having a problem. For example, using preset 38 "DISA…".

Hold down "X" switrch. Then (without releasing) hold down "HOTKNOB" switch. Display shows "TURN". Turn knob – display shows "SLURM","PDLY","TAPS","LENGTH", "MIX", which is the list.