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Well, i’m sorry and i hope you will not get that personnaly but it is an incredible answer to a very simple problem.

The card is a non working one, it happens, the right answer would be imo that you send me one for free, i have just spent 5000€ for an unit, i think this deserves a bit of your good care.
I own an Eclipse. A mod factor, pitch factor, space, time factory, i will not list the Numbers of plug ins i have purchased from Eventide.
I remember a day i had troubles with the bootloader on my eclipse( was one of the first purchasers here in France), Italo de Angelis, back in the days gave me a phone call and we did a procedure in order to proceed to some tests in order to know if it was possible to fix it or not.
The Unit was faultly the unit got back to Eventide, for free and has being replaces by a new one.

That was Support !

Seeking for a new cr card lower than 1 gb is a pain in the ….