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nickrose wrote:

Alas, the POG and the H9 are different animals. The POG can do polyphonic pitch shiftings, and little else. The H9 is not great at at polyphonic pitch shifting, but is great at so many other things.

We understand that you want one pedal to rule them all, but this is not always possible. Horses and courses.


So it’s not possible to make the tracking of existing pitch algorithms any better, or design a new alorithm for simple octace up & down sounds? I’m not interested in playing chords with the pitch algorithm, I would just like better tracking of single note lines. Could you shed light on why the POG’s tracking is superior and why the same level of performance isn’t possible to replicate with H9?

How about the question about input levels, would it be possible in pre/post scenario to control the level of the two inputs independently?