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grips777 wrote:

There is no activation # and it does not show up in ilok manager. I paid for it i didn't get it free. It would be alot easyer if you could select in on the register page. after i got it i got the email with the serial# and the license key. But no activation#. And you can't put letters in the boxes and it's not enough digits.

If I'm understanding the problem correctly, you bought EQuivocate online from a store other than eventideaudio.com, and you've been having trouble registering EQuivocate on eventideaudio.com. It doesn't appear in the drop down menu for registering products, and you were having trouble entering your license key.

I just added it to the drop down menu for registering products.  I apologize; we made a mistake on our end when we were setting up EQuivocate on the website.

The license key is normally formatted like this: XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.  The store you purchased it from should have sent you an email with a serial number like EQ-123456 and a license key in that format.  Could you please try registering it again, and if you have any problems please send the email with the serial number and license key you received to our support people so we can check it out together with your iLok user name.