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sumpe13 wrote:

So – based on the info – the Timefactor JACK is actually TRS – does that mean that the Boss EV-30 should work just fine with it??

I had a Line 6 Expression pedal (TS / mono) which worked well –  so I am a bit confused, does the Timefactor accepts both Mono and TRS cables?

The TF EXP jack is TRS, but it expects a TS pedal. It will work best with a mono cable connected to a TS pedal.

Some pedals, when connected with a TRS cable, can give a 0-100-0 function, which is often unpopular.

You should speak to Boss and ask them if their pedal has a TS function – many do not.

If you use a volume (TRS) as an expression (TS) pedal, you may need to disconnect the connection to the ring of the pedal's jack.

All this is complicated – if you are not an expert, I would recommend that you use one of the pedals we suggest, or one whose manufacturer claims it will work with our product (and complain to them if it does not).

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