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Stax_911 wrote:

Bad news I've got exactly the same problem with my H9 Max and it is now out of warranty… 

When I switch it on it flashes with all its light and doesn't power up. But as we are several to signal this problem it seems there is really a flaw on this aspect on the H9 serie.

What can I do ? My H9 is really the center of my pedalboard and I really need it.

Well, there were a few different problems mentioned on this thread, and they're not all related.  What you're describing doesn't necessarily sound like it's related to the power supply, b/c your H9 is flashing with all its lights.

Could you email support@eventide.com about this problem?  I sometimes can recognize what's causing a problem based on the description of the H9's behavior, but I'm not sure about why your H9 would come on  with its lights flashing.  But in any case support@eventide.com could also give you the contact information for our French distributor if you need to send it to someone.