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mjunker wrote:

… the effect kind of seems to fade in when switching instead of a “hard” effect switch … What I noticed is that the effect drops out completely and then there’s kind of like a volume swell where the fuzz effect comes in …  Any ideas what could be the problem?

I’ll take a stab at this one.  Assuming that you’re switching between supplied Factory Presets, there are large variations in Output Level, from preset to preset.  Around 18-20 dB (I believe), in some cases.

PitchFuzz does not have the separate Compressor / Sustainer controls of the Sculpt / CrushStation algorithms, but it is from the same family lineage.  Program-dependent compression:

H9 Sculpt / CrushStation Info wrote:
… specially designed to vary the numerous parameters of a typical compressor such as the ratio, attack, release, and the makeup gain to keep the overall loudness consistent.

My suggestion:

  • Figure out the exact Output Level that works best for your own setup.
  • Use H9 Control’s input and output meters (+ H9 Overload LED) for a strong, clean average signal thru.
  • Dial in that new Output Level in a few Factory Presets.
  • Rename & save them as User Presets.
  • Try switching between the new User Presets.

You may still have to adjust the individual User Presets’ Output Levels a few dB, either way.  But that should give you a good idea of the “auto-level” compression action at various FUZZ parameter values.