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Very happy to see this. So far I’ve tried it on 2 devices.

On my tab s 10.5 the algorithm screen is a bit off. The pedal name text is slightly behind the algorithm graphic. On the pedal screen the top row of knobs is halfway off the screen. They still work fine. Both these issues only appear to be in landscape mode. 

On my s8 I had an issue on the login screen. After selecting my field, username or password, I would only get a number keyboard. I was able to get around this by holding my phone sideways while opening the app. Oddly enough that popped up an entirely new type of keyboard I have never seen. It looked like the number keyboard but with letters and I had to long press for the numbers. 

So far I am quite pleased. Functionality wise it seems to work just as good as my pc. If I find anything else I’ll keep you posted.