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yaaaay it works

Here are my reports, so far, with only very preliminary testing, on two devices:

Sony Xperia Z3+ (7.1.1)

This, on first glance, works perfectly. Bluetooth pairing was uneventful… and automatic reconnection works. This is a giant improvement over Windows, and a small improvement over iOs, which does not auto-reconnect, and requires accessing the system meny every time.

The app also loaded fine. It didn’t automatically find the H9 on first boot.. and I had to use the “find bluetooth devices” option. After that it was fine on restarts.

The App also seems to work perfectly, although I have not tested most things. It switches patches, is responsive to Bypass/Activate and tap tempo as well as hotswitches. I will use this device for primary testing over the next few weeks in rehearsals… but there are NO PROBLEMS YET.


2013 Nexus 7 Tablet (6.0.1)

This was not as perfect.

Bluetooth initial connection was fine.. but reconnection was fiddly. I had to Forget/Reconnect a couple times. BUT.. that might be complicated by switching devices…

The APP loads fine, linked fine to my account etc. It switches presets fine.. and is also responsive to Bypass/Hotswitch/Tap.

It starts to run into problems with DISPLAY.

This is a 7″ tablet, and really wants to have Landscape mode… but in landscape mode…it tries to fit the portrait mode screen into the window… I need a pic I think. 

Additionally the preset List view is squished… but usable. The Preset view though.. Oy Vey.

I will keep this thing in the studio to test updates.



As expected, the second blue light does not light up. Not an issue, and not a surprise.

Less expected… the ‘Back’ button seems to have no function. Of course, that is consistent across all the platforms, so that shouldn’t be a surprise. It does touch on one of the basic philosphical rifts between Android and IOS, though…we really use that back button 🙂


Here are pics.. all from the Nexus 7. I didn’t bother with the Z3+, because it is great. . . in portrait only.