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So, I did some experimenting.

Switching between presets that are ON my H9 already… I recorded the switchover to measure the gap, and I ran into something strange. There is really not much of an actual gap. 30, 40 ms…but there is, like.. a Fade out>>Fade In thing… maybe I am just hearing some clean signal? Lower volume. Maybe its a crossfade? It lasts longer.

Going from a pitchFLEX patch to a pitchFUZZ patch:

Bluetooth: 448ms

MIDI: 424ms

OnBoard: 430ms

I imagine this is the gap you are referring to.. it is certainly noticable enough to be considered such.


Going from a PitchFUZZ to a pitch FUZZ already on my pedal.. that fade-to-fade time is a little bit longer… 524ms using H9 control.

 What about pitchFUZZ patches NOT already on my pedal? Patches on my Ipad? Not really longer. 597ms using H9 control.

I remember hearing that the PitchFuzz was particularly complex, and had longer load times because of that. I think if these are the gaps you are getting… 600ms… then probably you can’t do much better.


Of course.. I am curious now. 

Going from CRUSHSTATION to CRUSHSTATION algos gives me VERY similar numbers… with a similar behavious of an attenuated signal in between parcthes. 

49ms of gap.. 500ms of fade-to-fade time

What about something ELSE?

Jumping between PITCHFACTOR algos.. hardly noticable at 25ms. No fade thing that I can tell.

 Modfactor? Even better.  13ms if that.

I also dont hear it on the OTHER H9-class algos.. resonator/ultratap…etc.




mjunker- your ears don’t lie. The pitchFuzz algo has a longer switch-over time than the others. Although I think the Crushstation is similar. They both do a crossfade thing which is what you are hearing, I bet.

If your numbers are similar, I would say this is normal operation.. and you gotta work with it. . . unless they update the algos to address it. I, for one, never had trouble using it on stage. But I usually switch patches during rests. Even analog pedals. I don’t like the sound of a pedal engaing.

I do have ONE lead using the pitchflex that I wanted to use dynamically… and I set up the Expression pedal to run the # of voices (PITCH AMT) from 0-3. So at first its just fuzz, no delay or anything.. and I fade in the voices.  Maybe you can work around the gap that way?


Good Luck!