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brock wrote:

The 2nd part sounded more like filter modulation to me.  I’ll reference the 1st half of that video.  There are so many ways (algorithms) to go with this.  Is your focus more on that extreme pitch modulation, or the base patch octaving and reverse delays?  Modulation under foot control, or semi-automated?

The Echolution uses variable clock … true sample modulation.  The video shows manipulation of SPEED / TIME (if labeled accurately), on both the X & Y axis.  For that, I’d use VINTAGE DELAY, TAPE ECHO, MOD DELAY.  Directly change the DELAY times for that EchoPlex-like bending.  The crossfaded Delay algorithms – DIGITAL DELAY, MULTITAP, even REVERSE – can have indirect modulation, which will be more subtle.  

The SIZE parameter on the Reverb algorithms can give you a similar effect.  A little change can go a long way here.  Difficult to control, but that can be an advantage, as well.  REVERSE REVERB with DIFFUSION at 0 is fairly choppy, and it has FEEDBACK and MOD-LEVEL.  SHIMMER might be worth exploring.  ULTRATAP can ‘fake’ reverse delays, and grind out some modulation-like FX.

I have a few presets here that might fit the bill.  With CRYSTALS, the focus is on reverse delays and octaving.  No modulation, as that would quantize to discrete intervals.

It might be even better to use the H910 H949 algorithm for that one (cascading octaves past the upper limits).

BLACKHOLE brings up the MIX and MOD-DEPTH for ‘indirect’ pitch modulation, while reducing the MODRATE.

Wow! Thank you so much, Brock! I’m away from my H9 at the moment but I will try these out when I get back next week. Thank you again!