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this is likely a long shot but you never know…

i like to use the quadravox alg quite a bit.  i’ll usually have it set up so that my toe-up and toe-down positions on my expression pedal correspond to a different key/mode.  this basically allows two keys per preset.  i notice that when my foot travels from the toe-up position to the toe-down position that i can see the scrolling of all the in-between keys.  what would really be cool is if it were possible to limit, via editing, the preset to a predetermined amount of of keys/modes (3 to be precise), that way my toe-up position could be one key, my toe-down another, and THEN have the 3rd key in the middle of the expression pedal’s travel.  it’s impractical if not impossible to find that “middle” key via expression pedal scrolling mid-performance but if there was a way to eliminate all the unwanted “in-between” keys, leaving only 3, it would make it easy to find that 3rd key at the expression pedal’s mid-point.  hopefully this makes sense.  i see it as a way to increase the usability within a single preset and eliminating some mid-performance patch scrolling.  i can just hear people at eventide saying, “man, you can tell this guy isn’t an engineer!” …LOL  thanks for listening.