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Played around some more tonight and did some additional testing.  This time wasn’t nearly as smooth as the first time yesterday.

The app had a lot of trouble connecting to both H9s.  Upon opening the app, “Connecting” would spin, they would connect, then disconnect (sometimes several times) and the app would go into Demo Mode.

I disabled/re-enabled Bluetooth on both H9s–this seem to help but the app still connected and disconnected several times but WOULD eventually connect.

Rebooting my S8: Didn’t really help anything.

Rebooting both H9s: Also seemed to help, but pretty much the same as turning off/on Bluetooth.

Once I DID actually get stable connection, both H9s remained connected without issue.  The app worked flawlessly once it finally stayed connected.  However, closing the H9 app and reopening it caused all of the above problems to return.  Constant connecting, disconnecting, and reconnecting before finally entering Demo Mode until I cycle Bluetooth or reboot the H9s.

Prior to installing the H9 app yesterday, I had already paired both H9s with my phone.  I thought I’d unpair both, then try re-pairing them through the H9 app now that I have it.  It detected both devices, and prompted for the PIN.  Upon entering the PINs for each, the same problems returned.

In the end, I consistently have to ‘play around’ with the H9s to get a good connection, cycling Bluetooth on/off and/or rebooting the H9s.  Odd, because yesterday upon my first-ever connection attempt, both H9s connected fine the first time and never dropped the connection.

Is it possible there’s a problem with my naming of either H9?  One is “H9-Pitch-Mod” (a Max) and the other is “H9-Delay-Reverb” (a Core).

I also tried connecting to only one H9 at a time instead of both, but had the same problems.

Lastly, should Landscape Mode work on an S8?

–none of the above is a compliant… just reporting my experiences with the app.

Appreciate all the efforts!