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gkellum wrote:

eruption77 wrote:

Played around some more tonight and did some additional testing.  This time wasn’t nearly as smooth as the first time yesterday.

The app had a lot of trouble connecting to both H9s.  Upon opening the app, “Connecting” would spin, they would connect, then disconnect (sometimes several times) and the app would go into Demo Mode.

We just published a new beta (v3.0.4) that should help with this problem of reconnecting to multiple H9s.  Basically, we were trying to reconnect all previously connected devices simultaneously, and we found that if we instead reconnect them one at a time that seemed to fix the problems you were seeing.

Back to report my results after updating and tesing v3.0.4!

The Bluetooth connection issue is fixed!  The app connected every time on my S8 to both H9s without any errors, drops, or problems.  I closed and re-opened the app several times trying to replicate the aforementioned problem, and just couldn’t.

Didn’t realize I could copy the presets from my H9’s to my phone.  Tried that, and it worked VERY well, and copied them VERY fast.  Oddly, after copying the presets from pedal to phone, my presets did not appear under the algorithms as they do on my PC–only the factory/stock presets still showed–just an observation.  To find and load/activate my own I had to navigate to the phone and either look at my local presets list that I just copied, or re-read them from the pedals.  I wanted to mention this, but I do beleive it’s working as it should.

Next, the phone back button still does not work (forgot to mention that in my earlier posts).  However, the Back button from within the H9 app works perfectly fine.  Not a big deal.  Hitting the Home button closes the app fine.

Also, thank you for answering my Landscape Mode quesiton above.

Overall, the app worked very well, and the connection problems are gone.  It’s very responsive, the commands to the pedals are immediate, there’s no latency when switching between my 2 H9s, and the layout of the app looked fine.  In my opinion, there’s not much left to improve on here!

Also, let me know, and I’m happy to test anything else if you like.