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I’m using Pixel XL with Android 8.1.
I had no problem with Bluetooth connectivity on my two H9’s. Both H9’s displayed the blue light for Bluetooth connectivity.
The graphics were perfect and aligned fine unlike some earlier posts mentioned.
As far as functionality, I had no issues, saving, loading, changing parameters and hearing the differences from those changes.
I couldn’t find any issues to this point. Extremely happy with the Android beta version so far.
The only issue I had was that I could only view it in portrait mode. Using the portrait mode was fine except for when I was in the preset config page. Everything worked fine but I didn’t like that I could only view this portrait mode vice landscape. The reason I’d like to use the landscape would be able to view all the parameter knobs on one screen instead of having to hit the right IR left arrow to view the other half of the knobs/dials.
Will continue posting feedback if anything new pops up.