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wedelich wrote:

boynigel wrote:

What’s strange is the fact that it used to work perfectly a couple of years ago.  i stopped using pitchflex for a while and i’m sure i’ve done an update since the last time i used it.  i wonder if there was something in one of the update(s) that is causing this problem.  the only thing that has changed in my H9 setup is that i am now using a Tech21 MIDI Mouse with it to scroll the presets.  don’t see how this could be a factor though.

It should be smooth, we’ll double check the latest build.  Does it smooth out w/o the MIDI Mouse connected?  I wouldn’t think that would make difference either, unless for some reason the MIDI Mouse was bombarding it with MIDI CCs or something (I doubt it).  Also, what kind of expression pedal are you using? 

i found the problem (by accident)!  it only happens when it is synced with the H9 Control app via my ipad.  Today when i powered up my amp and H9, i went to the Pitch Flex alg and i noticed that the pitch wasn’t glitching as i worked my (Ernie Ball VP Jr.) expression pedal.  However, for some reason the pitch wasn’t going up the full octave even though my exp pedal was in full toe-down position.  At this point i decided to open H9 Control so i could fix this new issue, but when i opened the app, BAM- the glitching was back.  mystery solved!  would be nice if there’s a fix for this, but not a huge issue as i don’t run H9 Control when i play live.