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camn wrote:

wedelich wrote:
It should be smooth, we’ll double check the latest build.  Does it smooth out w/o the MIDI Mouse connected?  I wouldn’t think that would make difference either, unless for some reason the MIDI Mouse was bombarding it with MIDI CCs or something (I doubt it).  Also, what kind of expression pedal are you using? 


I would love to troubleshoot this if this is the case.

Here is an example of what I am talking about:

This is with NO midi controller connected.. and NO bluetooth connected. 

Just the H9 with a Mission SP-H9 and an aux switch mapped to Performance Switch.


From 0-12 seconds I am pushing the Aux Switch.. which flexes it and it sounds how I think it should.

From 12-34 secs I am using the expression pedal.. which is analog, not midi. I hope you can hear what I am talking about.

From 24-28, back to the AUX switch, then back to the exp pedal.


Could it just be my foot? If I go slow enough it seems to smooth out.

boynigel- Is this what you are talking about?



camn-  that’s exactly what i was experiencing.  did you see my last post?  i’ve recently discovered that, for me, the glitch/gurgle-thing only happens when my H9 is sync’d with H9 Control on my ipad.  hopefull that’s all it is for you too.  good luck!