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brock wrote:

– Creating custom ‘HarPeggiator’ patterns of any interval sequence, length, or rhythm.

I think this is one of the most interesting hints I came across in the forum lately (for me at least). I wonder if someone could elaborate this a little bit more. Is it related to “‘HarPeggiator” algo like with its Fx section etc, or solely means any custom arpeggios (without the inherent Fx part of that algo)?

Speaking of this, I’d love to be able to change arp patterns (ie making custom ones) from within the Control app. Existing ones are just fine, but as a trumpet player I’d like to have more low notes as a kind of accompaniment. I mean, more arpeggio choices in the lower registers because trumpet itself is a pretty high pitched instrument for the most of the times : ) 

“HarPeggiator” is the first algo I purchased for my H9. Actually that algorithm was the very reason I put my own R&D works of making my own software plugins aside for sometime and got a H9.

Although it has overlapping features with the other effects I think that algorithm mostly belongs to a whole different domain and opens a door for many new potential usage scenarios. Well… because it has a sequencer, with the magical word… “random”.

Eventide, please continue to develop HarPeggiator and its sequencer, like making the custom patterns available, or at least add more arp choices 8 ).

Warm regards