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Hi there,

I’ve been reading the stompboxes forum for the last few days to get an overall impression about what’s already been covered in terms of feature or improvement requests, but didn’t notice any topic that would make my humble ones duplicates, so apologies if I repeat something that has been discussed already.

So, here are my wishes : )

1)      Custom patterns for HarPeggiator (or at least more lower octave arp presets)

2)      Hold or freeze like mode for HarPeggiator, ie. buffer a certain portion of incoming audio, loop it, and apply HarPeggiator. A separate looper pedal before it could be an immediate solution but why share the market if this is technically possible within a H9.

3)      One (or two) control LFOs assignable to any parameter of every algo

4)      A brand new algorithm for H9… “MarcovFactor” (1st degree at least); ie., analyze a certain number of incoming notes during  a certain interval, and use these as pitch shifting intervals (randomly or else way).