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i found the problem (by accident)!  it only happens when it is synced with the H9 Control app via my ipad.  Today when i powered up my amp and H9, i went to the Pitch Flex alg and i noticed that the pitch wasn’t glitching as i worked my (Ernie Ball VP Jr.) expression pedal.  However, for some reason the pitch wasn’t going up the full octave even though my exp pedal was in full toe-down position.  At this point i decided to open H9 Control so i could fix this new issue, but when i opened the app, BAM- the glitching was back.  mystery solved!  would be nice if there’s a fix for this, but not a huge issue as i don’t run H9 Control when i play live.

Huh, what generation iPad/iPhone do you use? The expression / hotknob signal is obviously being slowed down b/c of the communication back and forth with H9 Control. Is it still slow/glitchy if H9 Control is open but it’s not on the preset page where it animates the ribbon as the expression pedal moves? We’ll check here, I also wonder if faster/newer iOS devices improve this.  

sorry but i can’t remember which ipad version it is.  i bought it around 5-6 years ago brand new (ipad 2?) if that helps narrow it down.  i never thought to check and see if it only glitches when it’s on the actual preset page, but i’ll give that a test when i get home and check back in with the results.

Okay i finally got a chance to check this.  to review, mine is only glitchy when it is sync’d up to H9 Edit via BT w/my ipad.  as soon as i sync it to H9 Edit it begins to glitch, even when i leave the Pitch Flex page w/the ribbon strips.  it seems that once the Pitch Flex is “infected” via BT sync, it stays that way until i un-sync, and re-boot the H9.  then everything works once again as it should.