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First off, so pleased to have the android app!  Much love for delivering (and no caveats on being a few years late)! 

I’d second the ability to run in landscape mode – in particular for viewing pedal settings, it’s really a bummer to have them on two screen and have to click back and forth when there’s plenty of screen real estate.  Sorta is a dela break for any in depth patch editing.  If that’s hard to implement, I’d even prefer an option to show all the buttons in more rows on the main screen, even if they end up a little smaller.  But on my S8, there’s more than enough space to 4 rows of 3 buttons (especially if you trim down the size of the header/etc).

But again, much appreciated!  If you guys support CoreMIDI as background service to/from the pedal (which would instantly make the H9 more desireable to a whole new set of users), I can honestly say you have answered all my wildest H9 dreams! (https://www.eventideaudio.com/community/forum/stompboxes/h9-midi-over-bluetooth-ipad-possible)