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– Creating custom ‘HarPeggiator’ patterns of any interval sequence, length, or rhythm.

I think this is one of the most interesting hints I came across in the forum lately (for me at least). I wonder if someone could elaborate this a little bit more. Is it related to “‘HarPeggiator” algo like with its Fx section etc, or solely means any custom arpeggios (without the inherent Fx part of that algo)? …

It’s hard to believe that this was nearly six years ago.  To answer your question, I was looking for ways to sequence pitch or effects in customized ways.  At the time, sequencers with MIDI Note output were the most common, and cost-effective.  There have been many more developments since.

Now, MIDI CC sequences are more available / lower in price & footprint.  Or sequencers / LFOs that use expression pedal input.  The fact is … you can sequence any of the H9 effects; within reasonable expectations. 

question wrote:
… Eventide, please continue to develop HarPeggiator and its sequencer, like making the custom patterns available, or at least add more arp choices 8 ).

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I don’t know about the custom patterns … often requested.  ET is trying to strike a balance between ease of use, and depth of implementation.  But it’s encouraging to see developments like the the pattern popups, and especially the new GUI interface.  That alone inspired a new 50-Preset List for me.  And I’d heard they were working toward ‘live’ feedback on the FX section.  May be issues with that direct feed off MIDI Clocks.

I’d call that focus on continual refinement of the algorithms.