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H9 Control for Android

January 24, 2018 – 07:25 pm

Thank you all for working on this, I have a Galaxy Tab A, Andriod Version 7.0, no issues what so ever.

That being said , only a few small issues found:

Bluetooth pairing led does not come on when it is paired, and a bunched up verification screen ( sometimes) (preset updates to other preset locations) other than these, most times when I try to save presset changes they dont, I’ve tried reboots and  have literally tried three times before it took. This happens with my iOS device as well so I’m thinking it’s more of a hardware issue? I’ve read the instructions on how to, and watched how to videos, so not sure at this point which direction I should try. 

I have been trying different setups,  before amp,in effect loop, and post prepost with my TC Nova system, all work well, my question: Is it alright to run the H9 before amp with TC Nova System in the effect loop? Utilizing  Crushstation ?( fantastic).