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Thanks for the tip.  I played with that tonight and it’s a workaround.  What confuses me is that the pedal offers 3 seconds of delay time (20 BPM), and yet your Tap Tempo capability is lopped off to almost half of this, merely so the pedal can ‘time out’ and return you to the preset name?  For a pedal of this power, that seems weird.  Why would you hamstring your Tap Tempo capability relative to your delay time capability?  Letting the tempo screen stay active up down to 20 BPM seems logical, and then if you didn’t hit anything in that time frame (max. delay time), it would ‘assume’ you missed a tap, which would then return you to the previous tempo and preset screen.  Here it seems like the pedal is screaming at you “NO.  You are not entering a TYPICAL BPM.  SORRY (No secret handshake to get you into the 3-second range)”   I’m doing ambient work, with a predelay setting the shorter ‘tempo’, feeding into the Timefactor while  bypassed, I want to tap in a slower tempo that is a one bar of my playing, with a nice long feedback decay, then activate the delay to catch my one bar phrase into the delay line.  My phrases are under 3 seconds, but over the ‘assumption limit’, it appears.  GRRR.  thanks for the workaround suggestion!