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Herr Mosa wrote:

There is some Bass-Stuff and you can download these preset files. Maybe a starting point?


Cheers & Have Fun!

Oh, I’m having an absolute BLAST with my H9.

I also bought the octaver and a couple others specifically to try some of those presets. Sculpt is probably next on my purchase list only because prior to that video I thought it was mainly geared towards distortion (something I don’t really need at the moment).

I love how everything is infinitely tweakable. I just think that if bass is selected as the input source it should maybe alter the algorithms starting point.

For instance, there’s a Modfilter (and I can’t remember which one at the moment ) that is preset on a high pass filter. Sort of useless (for me at least) on bass, but once I changed it to a LPF it really came alive.

Maybe the answer is more tailored preset lists. For instance, a “Funk” preset list full of filters, octaves, synths, phasers, etc.

You could even have pro musician preset lists. I saw a gold H9 on Bootsy Collins board. If he had a signature preset list I would buy every algorithm he used just to hear what he liked.

Seems to me that artist presets would sell a lot of H9’s and/or get a lot of people to max out.