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      I love the H9 (Harmonizer) I recently purchased, but I really wish there were more bass specific algorithm presets that emulated or surpassed some of the most loved pedals out there like the DOD Meatbox, Boss OC-2, Akai Deep Impact, Crowther Prunes & Custard, etc. You can tailor certain presets to get close, and I’ve purchased a few (8) packages like the Octaver in Pitchfactor, but as a bass player it seems like it would be better to already have a similar preset to those effects, THEN tweak it to taste.

      It might also give me a reason to buy a second H9 if there were (for example) a nice Deep Impact preset I wanted to modulate.

      Changing the input source to “bass” should also yield stronger filter settings on most of those type of presets. While you can get some great sounds, the filter algorithms often feel a little weak with the bass compared to some other stand alone filter pedals.

      Am I alone in feeling this way? I really want this H9 to be the “one pedal to rule them all” but I feel like it could do better for us bottom feeders.

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      Herr Mosa

      There is some Bass-Stuff and you can download these preset files. Maybe a starting point?

      Cheers & Have Fun!

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        Herr Mosa wrote:

        There is some Bass-Stuff and you can download these preset files. Maybe a starting point?

        Cheers & Have Fun!

        Oh, I’m having an absolute BLAST with my H9.

        I also bought the octaver and a couple others specifically to try some of those presets. Sculpt is probably next on my purchase list only because prior to that video I thought it was mainly geared towards distortion (something I don’t really need at the moment).

        I love how everything is infinitely tweakable. I just think that if bass is selected as the input source it should maybe alter the algorithms starting point.

        For instance, there’s a Modfilter (and I can’t remember which one at the moment ) that is preset on a high pass filter. Sort of useless (for me at least) on bass, but once I changed it to a LPF it really came alive.

        Maybe the answer is more tailored preset lists. For instance, a “Funk” preset list full of filters, octaves, synths, phasers, etc.

        You could even have pro musician preset lists. I saw a gold H9 on Bootsy Collins board. If he had a signature preset list I would buy every algorithm he used just to hear what he liked.

        Seems to me that artist presets would sell a lot of H9’s and/or get a lot of people to max out.

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      Eventide Staff

      Try Harpeggiator, Quadravox, Harmodulator, and EQ Compressor. Generally speaking, I think all PitchFactor algorithms go really well with Bass.

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