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Thanks for the feedback!  I will continue to ‘workaround’ this issue, but yes… I am trying to tap out a ‘measure’, rather than a BPM Tempo.

Based on the input from the last two posts, I feel that I still have a legitimate beef with this implementation.  If the maximum time is 3000ms, which equals 20BPM, then that tempo would be somewhat abnormal and “excruciating’.  Fine.  Then the logical suggested workaround is to tap in a “typical” bpm of 120, using the subdivision of 1/4 which would yield 2000ms (or 30bpm).   I can buy that.

But what if I leave tempo off, and my workflow is PURELY in Milliseconds, and i’m trying to tap out a musical ‘measure’.  We have a pedal that has a 3000ms delay time that you CANNOT tap in.  You aren’t allowed to tap in anything more than somewhere around 1700ms.  Uhhhh….OK?  You cripple almost half of your delay time, merely just to return to the name of the delay preset? Could you imagine this issue on a Boss DD-20 Giga Delay?  “Hey, we offer you 23 seconds of delay time, with the ability to tap in your delay tempo! OH, sorry, we forgot to mention….you do have 23 seconds of delay, but you can only tap up to 14 seconds.  If you don’t tap within 14 seconds, the delay assumes you forgot to tap.  SORRY.”

My ego or talent isn’t big enough to bitch any more than I already have, and I will merely work around this, or just not use the Timefactor in this specific way that I wanted to.   but seriously, this makes NO sense to me.