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conaro wrote:

what really suprised me after i’ve got a H9 that one cannot control X, Y and Z over midi, it would have been sooo cool to “select my three most important values over the unlocked X, Y and Z keys on the H9 unit and then twist those parameters SIMULTANEOUSLY on a seperate midi controller which has the three X, Y and Z knobs premapped.

the way it is now (with the 10 different kb0-kb9 values that one can control over midi) that if you have an preconfigured 8 potentiometer midicontroller (a usual number of pots to have on midicontrollers) that you will need to use 2 different midicontroller configuration presets (one for the first 8 kbX and a second for the remaining 2 plus hotknob) and if you want to fiddle with value 2, 5 and 9 you would have to modify your midicontroller configuration which would be too much of a pain to do, so i just dont.

I see what you’re saying, though you could go in, preset by preset, and assign those same parameters to expression, and then have your MIDI controller control the expression CC.