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Eventide Staff
warrenka wrote:

Thank you for your advice. The issue I have with the MCS2 is that I can't seperate the outgoing MIDI assignments (channels) for the pitchbend and modulation controls. That is why I was asking about message filtering. For example, if I am using the pitchbend to control Pitchfactor, I don't want the Modfactor to respond at all (and vice versa with the modulation control).

Have you figured out what messages they are sending? Do they send the same message? If they are, I can't help you……

By default, if you don't change any assignments on your stompboxes, they won't respond to either control. That's what I meant. You can assign pitchbend's MIDI message to PitchFactor's function and modulation's MIDI message to ModFactor's function. Then you have what you want.