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Custom Chris wrote:
It would be really great to come out with a straightforward 7 band EQ algorithm with no frills so I can save presets and not have to fiddle with my eq on my Mesa Mark IV amp between songs, or in song tone changes. If you made a separate Eventide Pedal with a 7 Band eq and 7 knobs below with (4) distortion sounds for each knob (provides 28 different distortion algorithms) depending on the position of knob that’ ranges from fuzz, mildly distorted to full blown low end crunch, I would buy it. Just sayin.


It sounds like you want something like the Elektron Analog Drive pedal.  Eight drive types in one pedal, 3 band EQ with sweepable mid, 100 presets, Midi controllable. https://www.elektron.se/products/analog-drive/