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camn wrote:
If we could adjust the preset output volume…..and assign that change to the hotswitch, like we can with all the other parameters….that would go a long way, I think. And be intuitive. And not jack up anyone’s presets.

Yeah, that would solve the ‘boost’ part of the equation.  As it stands, Output Volume goes from [-INF] to the currently saved Output Volume Level.  Makes sense … it’s intended to be a ‘swell’-type parameter.

Aux Switch -> Expression Pedal would work, but it needs to be scaled by ‘range limits’ (like the MIN VAL / MAX VAL parameter controls).  That would actually solve a lot of issues across the board, although it commandeers the EXP PED control.  I’ve been meaning to check how the 128 MIDI CC Values scale against the dB values of Output Level.  It’d be useful to know the landmark values [-6 dB, -3 dB, 0 dB, +3 dB, etc.] at a minimum.