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Yeah.. its an ongoing riddle. But I think maybe I have an idea for the answer. Not for this pedal.. but maybe the future.


1st- obviously bilateral midi communication is key. 

2- The Midi XML map from the H9. By default, it sends a message whenever a preset is chosen.. via direct call OR increment, yes? So that info could be a de-facto broadcast of what preset the H9 is on. Now let us suppose the Controller could remember that preset. Call it PreviousPreset.

3. So obviously any dedicated controller like the Pitchy would want to ACTIVATE PITCHFLEX when engaged.. but then when disengaged.. what if it could ACTIVATE (PreviousPreset), as informed by the last known signal from XML map?


Hm. I gotta think about this. 

Because this is HALF of the biggest problem with MIDI control of the H9. THe controller just doesnt know anything about the state of the H9. The XML map can inform the preset-dentity, at leats.. though noth the parameter-positions.  Then an external controller could call a preset.. and return the H9 to it’s previous state when disengaged.

Bilateral MIDI comm could be done via a single Jack like how Disaster manages thier port.




Just thinking out loud here… gotta process it in my brain.