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mistercharlie wrote:

I just added a second H9, and I hooked it up to my first one via MIID. However, when I hit the PSW switch on the EvenMidi controller, it just acts like a regular performance switch.


I was expecting it to toggle between controlling the two different H9 pedals.


What am I doing wrong @poppy?



You don’t mention the settings of MIDI devices in the EvenMidi. If you use 2 H9 you have to go in the Midi (“Mi”) menu and add a device (H9) on Midi channel 2. If you have only one H9 set (factory default) the PSW footswitch sends CC04 (you can configure your Eventide H9 to do what you want with that (PSW or Tap tempo or Tuner…)) and the Midi Led status turns to blue when PSW is pressed (= midi message sended). Follow the user manual to add this second H9. If you have trouble I can make a video for help :). Regards. Franck